13th December 2019

Welcome to this week’s blog post.  This is our last post of 2019!!

This week in Class 1 the children have been exploring the small world nativity scene and we introduced them to the nativity story.  There has been lots of dressing up and role play as firefighters and fairies.  To end the term the children have played party games and eaten party food.

This week in Class 2 we have been getting ready for Christmas, the children finished off their decorations and cards.  We explored ice and 'snow' with the small world characters and played role play games of PJ masks and Paw Patrol.
The elves have continued to play tricks on us, including eating our coins from the advent calendar!!
We have been on the school field for a run around and found lots of treasures, including 'elf hats'.  We have finished off the week with party games and food.

Thank you for all the lovely gifts, chocolates and cards! 

Christmas Fayre

Thanks to everyone who donated towards the Christmas Fayre, who helped set up, man a stall, bake, bought a Christmas tree and helped with the tree deliveries.  We made just over £1000 which includes an impromptu Cake Sale on Monday afternoon and generous donations at the Christmas Songs today!
Finally, a big thank you to our Management Committee for all their hard work this year!
We hope you have a lovely Christmas and we will see you all next year!  

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